Infocom System Services provides judicial, legal and healthcare solutions, systems and software for docket management, financial risk management, health information management, custom technology solutions and custom software development

Success Stories

Success Stories

For over a decade, Infocom Systems Services has consistently exceeded client expectations.
Here are just a few of our success stories:


Company Confidential

JACS Traffic Scheduling System For High Volume Traffic Courts

12th Judicial Circuit,
State of Florida

JACS Judicial Automated Calendaring System

Company Confidential

Trading System

International Financial Center and Exchange

Correspondent Billing System

NJPR Medical
Transcription Services

Digital Transcription Workflow Management System

Vermont Federal Bank

Bank Information Line Voice Response System

Northfield Savings Bank

Phonebank Voice Response System

A. I. Credit Corp. (a Division of AIG Insurance Co.)

Loan Status Voice Response System

Group W Productions
(a Westinghouse Co.)

Sales Planning System

Campari Wines

MIS and Accounting System