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Iselin, New Jersey: February 14, 2008
Infocom Systems Services, Inc. continues to participate in the Courtroom 21 Project, a joint court technology education and demonstration project of the College of William and Mary and the National Center for State Courts. The primary goal of Courtroom 21 is to determine how technology can assist all aspects of the legal system, and to keep operational an experimental site in which to determine the legal and practical consequences of high-technology applications, particularly the effects of human interaction with technology.

Infocom has designed and developed JACS---Judicial Automated Calendaring System. This browser-based software provides a reliable, convenient solution for scheduling judicial hearings. It allows calendars to be set up and maintained with a high degree of flexibility for a Judge, Mediation Court or Conference Room. A Judicial Assistant (JA) has the task of setting up the initial calendar for the Judge, per the Judge’s preferences and rules. Attorneys have the option to schedule/reschedule hearings over the phone or Internet based on availability of time slots. Each schedule change generates a confirmation to the attorney, by email and/or fax. JACS also includes an option to access the docket report over the Internet and search available time-slots for Judges.

By addressing key issues that confront the court system today, JACS can help maximize the JA’s productivity, streamline workflow and standardize processes across different courts without losing flexibility. It provides multiple access points that are critical for JAs, Attorneys and other various groups. “JACS has taken the judicial calendaring and scheduling function to the next level. We see a major impact on the current methods of doing business,” states Fred Lederer, Director of the Courtroom 21 Project and Chancellor Professor of Law at the College of William and Mary. States Petra Klemmack, Associate Director of Technology for the Courtroom 21 Project, “JACS incorporates a high degree of flexibility without compromising ease-of-use.”

Courtroom 21’s hardware and software is made available to the William and Mary School of Law by various participating companies for experimentation, demonstration and critique. “The goals of Courtroom 21 meld nicely with our corporate philosophy of giving back to the community,” states PK Gupta, President of Infocom. “Today, more than ever, organizations must act responsibly and embrace their duty as worthy corporate citizens.”

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