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Success Stories

Success Stories

Company Confidential

A discount brokerage services for securities needed a comprehensive brokerage trading system to replace their Service Bureau-based automated System with an in-house system. Reliability, availability and protection of investment were critical factors.

Infocom designed and implemented a complete solution, with Web, IVR and PC front-ends. Real-time quotes for Stocks and Options, Account Information and placing Trade Orders are provided. Confirmation of Executions are conveyed by voice calls and fax. The platform is Windows NT, SCO Unix, Oracle and Powerbuilder.

Transaction volumes have increased twenty-fold since the System was installed (1997), with 75% of their business being handled through the automated system. Their Web System has been rated #1 for reliability and for transaction success rate by SmartMoney magazine and Keynote Systems ‘Web Broker Trading Index ’ respectively.

A Speech Recognition (Natural Language) front-end is being added.