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Success Stories

Success Stories

International Financial Center and Exchange

The International Financial Center and Exchange services Correspondent Brokerage Firms abroad trading in US-based securities. While a US-based Clearing House handles IFCE's Back-Office functions, IFCE needed a system to maintain the Accounts and Billing for its Correspondents.

Infocom designed and implemented a Correspondent Billing System for IFCE. It takes data from daily files received from the Clearing House's mainframe, and applies IFCE's contracts to the transactions for each Correspondent. The Billing Statements generated by the system serve as IFCE's invoices to its Client Firms. The database maintained in the Billing System is providing the basis for IFCE's marketing strategies. The system runs as an intranet application, under Windows NT, Microsoft's Internet Information Server, and SQL Server. It is installed at Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.

Infocom is actively supporting the system from our office in New Jersey.