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Success Stories

Success Stories

NJPR Medical Transcription Services

"Response from Infocom for problems and routine servicing has always been quick and effective. NJPR is working with Infocom to substantially upgrade their initial installation. We highly recommend this excellent organization."
Frank Mahoney, President, NJPR Medical Transcription Services

NJPR provides digital dictation and transcription services to the medical community. They were looking to replace their existing DOS based system with a state of the art Windows NT based system. Fault resilience, redundancy and on-line monitoring is critical to their business.

Infocom designed a complete work flow management system for their operation, on a Windows NT, Omnivox, SQL Server and Powerbuilder platform. The front-end of the system - the digital dictation and transcription modules - has been implemented for one of their Clients. The second phase - adding more Clients and the workflow management module - is under implementation.