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Success Stories

Success Stories

Vermont Federal Bank

"In the Banking industry, products and services change daily. We selected Infocom because their solution allows us to re-configure our voice response services dynamically as situations dictate. It is a truly custom solution, designed to meet our specific objectives -- not an off-the-shelf system like the others."
óJames St. Peter, Vice President, Vermont Federal Bank

Vermont Federal Bank was revamping its Call Center to make it more of a business generating department. Rather than use an IVR System 'out-of-the-box' as provided by other vendors, VFB chose to have Infocom custom-design a system in line with their business strategies.

Infocom developed the functional requirements working closely with the Bank, and delivered the system on a turnkey basis. The platform is Windows NT, Omnivox toolkit, and Miser database on a Unisys mainframe.