Infocom System Services provides judicial, legal and healthcare solutions, systems and software for docket management, financial risk management, health information management, custom technology solutions and custom software development

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Other Products

Infocom Systems Services is a provider of custom software, systems integration, and technology products and services. We integrate leading-edge technology into solutions that improve productivity and reduce costs. We have shared our vision and collaborated as a team with many companies across a number of industries.

The focus of Infocom is to become an integral part of your business operation. We design and apply the best products and services to help your business achieve a competitive advantage. In addition to our vertical focus, we offer solutions for:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Web-based Front-end Systems
  • Trading System for Brokerage Houses
  • Customer Service Management System
  • IVR and Speech Recognition Solutions
  • Complaint Tracking System
  • Computer and Telephone Integration
  • Internet and Intranet
  • Voice Recognition Software
  • E-mail, Fax and Text-to-Speech

To learn more about other solutions we have developed, email,
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