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Docket Management Products
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JACS (Docket Management, Calendaring)
Automated Traffic Court Scheduling
Custom Judicial Systems

Custom Judicial Systems

Custom software to integrate cases throughout the judicial system.

Integrated Case Management
  • State and local courts
  • Courts of General and Limited jurisdiction
  • Criminal court
  • Civil court
  • Juvenile court
  • Probate court
  • Family court
  • Traffic court

Key Differences
  • Participant in Courtroom 21 Project
  • Dynamic case-flow management and tracking to accommodate changes in process
  • Totally customized to specific requirements
  • Ad-hoc reporting and querying ability
  • Industry leading calendaring via JACS
  • Integrates with outside agency systems
  • Scalable to accommodate future growth
  • Browser-based modular software
  • Unprecedented service and support
  • Cost-effective
  • Event-Driven Workflow Management - events automatically trigger workflow tasks and allow users to easily manage case flows.

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