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Data Exchange and Interoperability

Infocom is a participant in the Courtroom 21 Project!

Purchase Direct from our GSA Schedule 70 Contract

Federal, state and local governments can purchase JACS modules directly, without an RFP, to simplify procurement.


Each of our Client organizations is invariably a member of a Consortium of judicial and law enforcement entities. Typically, the individual members of such a Consortium have their own MIS systems. These are based on a variety of platforms, and are from diverse vendors.

There is general recognition of the fact there could be significant benefits to all Consortium members if they could share data with each other. Some of these benefits are:

  • Time savings by eliminating duplicate data entry in the various systems
  • Higher quality decision making based on data from across the entire consortium
  • Broader perspective and consolidated reporting based on data from across the entire Consortium

Infocom can implement a data exchange architecture that:

  • Can handle both batch and real-time data exchanges
  • Provides a flexible platform to cater to a variety of industry-standard communication
  • Protocols provides the security and privacy levels needed for the data
  • Allows member organizations to preserve the integrity of their individual databases
  • Minimizes the effort required on both sides to implement the interactions
  • Is scalable for a phased implementation
  • Is cost-effective

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