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JACS Traffic Court Scheduling Module

Infocom is a participant in the Courtroom 21 Project!

Traffic Courts pose unique challenges because of the high volumes of case, high percentage of no shows (by officers as well as defendants) and fluctuations
in the number of cases.

JACS-Traffic uses a rules-based optimizer engine to automatically schedule hearings according to:

  • the rules of the court
  • police officer schedules
  • simply enter the parameters and let JACS suggest the best possible date and time for the hearings.

Automated Court Rules Processor
JACS takes into account many court rules including speedy trial dates, session capacities and much more. JACS will automatically schedule traffic court hearings at their optimal date and time to reduce case dismissals because of officer no shows or rules violations, improve throughput and reduce officer overtime. If no hearings are available that meet Court rules, the system will notify system administrators.

Taking into account the officer’s schedule
Traffic court hearings often have a high percentage of officer no-shows because the court is
not considering their work schedule or current appearances when scheduling hearings. JACS will automatically schedule hearings on dates and times when the officer is available and during sessions where they are already scheduled to appear for other hearings.


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