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iRAS - Risk Analysis System (Financial Risk Management)

iRAS, a real-time Risk Analysis System, is tailored to meet the needs of the banking and financial services industry. iRAS enables securities lending organizations to significantly increase revenues, avert charges and enhance the client experience by providing tighter management control of risk.

Financial decision-makers often need up-to-the-minute information. With Infocom's Risk Analysis System, executives have access to a dashboard that displays key metrics; provides automated alerts for margin calls, market swings and securities concentrations, all in real-time.

Risk Analysis Software

  • Automated Alerts - generate real-time alerts
  • Rules-based - establish business rules that support your process
  • Metrics/Reporting - track and report on critical information
  • Active Monitoring - monitor account activity and market movement
  • Margin calculations - performs sophisticated margin calculations

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  • Limit liabilities, reduce charges and add to the bottom-line
  • Increase debit balances with less risk through more aggressive lending
  • Reduce time and resources spent managing risk
  • Tighter management control of risk via key metrics
  • Improve efficiencies through automated alerts of risk conditions
  • Improve the client experience through proactive account management